Yacht security services Venezia Italy

Yacht Security services implemented by LZ Management agency are carried out with high security standards allowing owners, families, guests and crew to conduct their sailing itinerary or stay in the ports (Sardinia, Sicily, Liguria, Venice) with peace of mind regarding both their own personal safety and the safety of the Yacht and the property carried in it.
The security features and requirements for each VIP assignment are different: the number of people to be protected, their cultural expectations, their customs and habits on board, as well as the size of the Yacht; these are all factors that contribute to influencing and customizing the way in which the Yacht security service .

The security teams of the Venice-based LZ Management agency are specifically trained in order to adapt their attitude in the face of these differences.
LZ Management is able to organize, implement and supervise

On-board and dockside security services for yachts and ships

of all sizes: the security requirements and demands for a commercial cruise ship with thousands of passengers on board differ from those for a private yacht where instead there will generally be a number of people limited to family and friends or a group of company executives.

LZ Management agency intervenes with operational standards of excellence knowing how to easily adapt to the nature of the risk and the threat whether it is a cruise passenger ship with a high density of guests, or whether it has to intervene in smaller vessels with a number of passengers limited to a few families or people. We know how to recognize and adjust our terms of operation in the strictest respect for privacy and in the most scrupulous observance of the rules of engagement.

LZ Management agency personnel are able to recognize the fundamental differences between these scenarios and realize that the nature of the service must be adapted and tailored to the unique needs and circumstances.

LZ Management has at its disposal experienced personnel mainly with previous Military experience, carries out periodic educational and training phases of a theoretical, technical and tactical nature combining and integrating perfectly the experience of the resources employed with the technologies used.

Our main office is in Venice, but our bodyguards also operate from our branch offices specifically Milan, Florence, Genoa, Trieste, Rome and Olbia.

LZ Management can also provide adequate assistance and effective protection to passengers who wish to go ashore during a cruise.

Our Yacht Security services are aimed at people in different fields; from celebrities to company directors, entrepreneurs, personalities from the world of sports, politics, diplomacy or simply for those who need to
feel more secure aboard their Yacht

Below are the main ports where we provide service:.

  • Sardinia (Olbia Tempio) Marina Cala Dei Sardi
  • Isle of Cavallo (Corsica, France) | Port of Cavallo
  • Sicily (Capo d’Orlando) | Marina Capo d’Orlando
  • Liguria (Genoa)
  • Liguria (Loano)
  • Liguria (Varazze)
  • Tuscany (Pisa)