Implementation of alarm and security systems

From video surveillance to intrusion detection systems

Our systems are perfect for ensuring the security of your business and loved ones even remotely with quick and easy installation that requires no masonry work.

Today, the products that make up the elements of security and anti-intrusion systems have become true pieces of furniture.

Video surveillance and intrusion detection systems today can improve the level of security for any facility, not only residential but also industrial and commercial.

LZ Management firm based in Padua, but also active in the territories of Vicenza, Verona, Venice, and Treviso, is able to design and install systems based on pan and tilt or fixed, wired or wireless cameras, possibly including infrared light systems.

The competent and professional technical staff realizes

  • perimeter alarms
  • anti-intrusion
  • anti-robbery
  • indoor and outdoor wireless burglar alarms
  • burglar alarms for commercial and home use
  • radio and satellite burglar alarms
  • fire alarms
  • Security equipment and video cameras.

Video surveillance, an indispensable tool

Video surveillance is now an indispensable tool for greatly increasing the security of homes, businesses and spaces open to the public. LZ Management, a Veneto-based company, strongly believes in the combination of information technology and video surveillance systems.

The advanced techniques of client-server architecture allow for multiple command and control stations in the facility, while still fully respecting the protection of personal data. The most innovative applications allow for visualizing vandalism or highlighting objects that have been abandoned for a long period of time, counting people passing through an area, and so on.

Our commitment remains to offer simple and effective solutions to meet the needs of the market, addressing in a customized and targeted way the protection of homes, buildings and private areas, commercial and industrial zones, airports, sensitive sites, large outdoor areas or large complexes.

In detail, the security and video surveillance systems

  • Certified security systems made in Italy
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Thermal cameras for measuring body temperature
  • Professional video surveillance and burglar alarm system design and installation
  • Anti-robbery systems