Private and corporate investigations

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Investigations for individuals and corporate

LZ Management conducts investigative activities preferably in the cities of Padua, Treviso, Venice and Vicenza.

Our investigative work carried out by private investigators is in high demand for monitoring employees, workers and unfaithful subjects in general.
Our investigative services not only cater to individuals for personal and family needs, but also to law firms and components of corporate governance.

LZ Management, in the Corporate arena, is able to support and sustain all strategic and operational aspects of corporate security, and through quick information and timely investigation, our clients come to gain a valuable advantage.

Nowadays, businesses must also deal with and prevent potential risks from confidential information leaks, incidents of unfair competition or corporate disloyalty.

What the investigation service consists of

The main investigative activities available on the area of Padua, Vicenza, Verona, and Vicenza in the corporate sphere are as follows:

  • corporate confidentiality and industrial protection
  • Investigation of anonymous letters, emails, chats, anonymous phone calls
  • assessments for unfair competition
  • investigations for bullying, stalking or harassment
  • cell phone and pc data recovery
  • stalking
  • Corporate investigations for absenteeism, dismissals for cause
  • bug and wiretap remediation
  • Findings of infidelity of co-workers and stalking

Investigative services in the private sector

Whereas in terms of investigative services in the private sphere, LZ Management Institute specifically performs:

  • Collection of information and references of babysitters, domestic helpers, caregivers
  • Findings of partner infidelity and stalking
  • calligraphic and graphological analysis
  • searches and tracing of people and property
  • forensic criminalistics and criminological consulting
  • Crime scene surveys and fingerprint comparisons
  • Bank and asset searches for debt collection and maintenance allowance
  • supervision, guardianship and child custody application