Private security agency

Our executive protection services in Italy ensure the protection of privacy and personal safety through highly qualified employees.

Our escort service for celebrities, VIPs and managers is composed of selected and specially trained bodyguards in private escort intelligence, ensuring maximum confidentiality and courtesy.

Over the years, we have specialized in security services for those developing film productions, so our experience is a perfect match for the film company’s need for a security team that is up to the task.

Private Security for VIP Weddings

Our security team is prepared to ensure the supervision of VIP weddings thanks to the synergy with the best-known wedding planners in Venice, Florence, Milan and Rome; our decades of experience in luxury wedding management allows us to guarantee a high standard of security, beautiful presence and hospitality.

Collaboration with the most appreciated event planners, allows us to manage private security of exclusive events at luxury locations, fairs, congresses thanks to the experience and high competence of our vigilantes.

Residential security: home protection

Our protection personnel are also highly specialized in residential security services, through which we go to protect the family or business owner’s home. Our crime prevention activities inside and outside the residence are carried out with the utmost discretion.

Security in luxury stores and boutiques

We are present in many luxury boutiques and stores with our security and anti-shoplifting service: our security officer performs door-selector, customer reception and surveillance activities inside the store or business.

Maritime and yacht security in Venice, Lake Como, Lake Garda and other locations

LZ MANAGEMENT agency has an established experience in maritime security; Venice, Lake Como, Lake Garda are the main locations where we offer yacht security and security services both on boats and external control at the dock.

Our exclusive bodyguard service will ensure your personal protection from the yacht to the mainland and accompany you on your every move whether by water cab, luxury car, helicopter, private jet.

Private Security for Embassies and Consulates

LZ MANAGEMENT’s experience gained from years of managing events at Embassies and Consulates enables us to guarantee you the highest level of professionalism and efficiency.

Our operators are selected strictly for professional qualifications and foreign language skills.

For diplomats arriving from abroad in Italy, we prepare our security service with a thorough analysis of any critical issues and take all preventive measures.

To whom private security is addressed

  • Personal protection for top managers and corporate officers
  • Personal protection in airport reception
  • Individual protection for international VIPs on both private and official visits
  • Bodyguards for Royal Families
  • Bodyguards for agents and celebrities in entertainment and showbusiness
  • Security service for fashion events
  • Security service for embassies and diplomats
  • Access control service with infrared temperature measurement and anti-COVID
  • Access control service
  • Stand-alone solutions for aerial surveillance and security using drones
  • Fire service