Personal Trainer

Workouts in the gym, outdoors, at home

Personal trainer and nutritionist

Our agency has been offering luxury personal training services to VIPs and entertainment personalities for years.

Celebrity managers entrust us with their artists for the purpose of preparing them for a movie set, rather than a music video.

Weight loss, self-defense, performance enhancement-these are just a few of the skills offered by our team of graduate athletic trainers.

Our VIP personal trainer will follow you directly to your home or gym.

If you are on vacation in Italy, you can book a package of classes with the personal trainer and get you to reach directly at your hotel, in fact our exclusive VIP personal training service is held in cooperation with the best luxury resorts and hotels in Venice, Milan, Florence and other Italian cities; the One-to-one lesson with our trainer at your suite is the most popular with celebrities and managers, thanks to our professionalism and confidentiality.

What does the personal trainer service consist of

  • Personal trainer service on request in superior resorts and exclusive hotels
  • Training and coaching online and via treaming
  • Therapeutic and sports massage
  • Luciano Zoppello VIP personal training services
  • Wellness and fit training for entertainment celebrities
  • Personalized diets and dietary supplementation with the best quality Made in Italy brands