Wedding Security Services in Italy


Wedding Security Services in Italy

Everything must be perfect on your wedding day. After all, it’s a very special day worth remembering. But in case you forgot, you haven’t included the security in your wedding checklist yet. Why do you need it anyway for your big day since it’s supposed to be a day of fun and happiness?

Our agency based in Venice is the first in Italy specialized in wedding security: in fact, the wedding ceremonies of footballers, show business personalities and celebrities are celebrated under our supervision thanks to our decennial experience in private security. The most important wedding planners choose our security personnel who guarantee a professional security service in the most beautiful Italian cities, Venice, Florence, Rome and in many other locations from the Dolomites to Sardinia.


Anything can happen, even in the biggest event of your life. Sometimes, one of your guests’ personal belongings might go missing, or an expensive gift disappears when left unattended. There are situations also that your guest abused alcohol and got too much of it. These scenarios can ruin your wedding day, and most of the time, you can’t do anything about it. This is when you need the help of wedding security guards.


Wedding security in Italy is not only a trend to follow, but it has a specific purpose of securing a big event. Our agency cover all the country, from Milan, Venice, Florence to Rome and south Italy.


If you are not yet aware, your wedding is an enormous security guest checklist for a social event. It is an excellent decision to get wedding security, especially if you have a great number of guests, including VIPs. As different people gather together, getting a reliable and trusted security team can provide peace of mind, especially to the bride and groom.