In light of the new regulations, in order to facilitate in the filming and holding of concerts, events, weddings, entertainment and show business activities, we propose an access control and monitoring service in order to allow entry only to people who do not have a temperature higher than 37.5 and who are equipped with a mask.

How security services for events and concerts are carried out in covid prevention

LZ Management offers services performed by carefully selected unarmed, uniformed personnel. This is a qualified figure to perform all reception and access control services according to a specially drafted job description. Among the main duties, incumbent staff will be responsible for:
Control and manage the flow of access with visitor registration and possible badge issuance;
Measure body temperature with instruments made available to the Principal;
If necessary, hand out PPE (mask, goggles, gloves, sanitizing gel)to employees and visitors;
Issue courtesy information and first reception of visitors.
We can also provide the necessary equipment for the service.
LZ Management agency will adopt all safety protocols to prevent Covid-19 contagions for your events, concerts, entertainment and performance venues.

Provision of automated solutions for flow monitoring and body temperature sensing
Among the various measures to contain the Coronavirus outbreak is to allow entry only to people whose temperature does not exceed 37.5°. To carry out this type of inspection, the LZ Management agency offers several solutions with tools using thermographic technology.

Services available on all Italian cities

LZ Management agency with its operational headquarters in Venice, also performs security and access control services in Milan, Rome, Florence, Verona, Vicenza, Treviso, Belluno, Udine, Pordenone, and Trieste.