SERVICES IN VENICE – ITALY

Figure often distorted by the collective imagination and many film productions, the bodyguard is actually a profession that hides behind a thorough training and a high level physical and mental preparation.

The main purpose of the Bodyguard is to safeguard the safety and tranquility of a specific person, often a VIP, but also ordinary people particularly exposed to not really appropriate approaches.

It is often an unarmed security service where personal preparation is predominant. Just the aspect of the preparation is where the LZ Management agency in Venice succeeds and make the difference regarding the bodyguard service in Italy, a company that provides advanced services of VIP stocks and private stocks.

So, do not hesitate. If you need a bodyguard service in Venice, contact the professionals of the LZ Management agency.


concentration and speed of intervention
The request for a bodyguard in Venice and surroundings is made by those who value in a particular way their tranquility and that, although they may be more or less known characters, they legitimately want to carve out spaces of confidentiality.

A bodyguard must therefore ensure attentive service in situations that often seem quiet for hours and hours, except then in a few seconds to see the fight.

Being at the same time unobtrusive but present, not bellicose but resolute, not threatening but include respect: This is the task of the professional bodyguard and these are the requirements that close-up protection agents of the LZ Management agency possess when they are sent to the field.

Behind this mental preparation there is then physical training. A bodyguard must be ready for any eventuality, quick, strong, fast. The innate predisposition plays an important role but it is only through a specific path that you become professionals.